Friday, July 3, 2020

Maggi Spring Roll Recipe by Indian Food

 Maggi spring rolls are very different and tasty snack, these are crispy from outside and soft from inside These are all the ingredients for maggi spring rolls recipe For maggi spring roll recipe firstly add 1 cup all purpose flour in a mixing bowl Add quarter spoon of crushed celery seeds Add quarter spoon of pepper powder Add quarter spoon of salt and mix it well together Add two spoons of refined oil Knead the flour using water As you all know on this channel indian food made easy we try to use all purpose flour as less as possible But since we need to roll thin sheets for spring rolls so we need to use all purpose flour for that We will apply a little on on this kneaded flour Cover and put it away for now Now we will make stuffing for maggi spring rolls, for which add one spoon of clarified butter in a hot pan If you like, you can use any cooking oil you have Add 1 chopped green chili when oil heats up Add and fry one chopped onion One chopped capsicum Quarter spoon of salt Quarter spoon of garam masala Quarter spoon of amchur powder Add one spoon of tomato ketchup and mix well Now we will add one packet of maggi noodles Add 1 + 1/2 cups of water to it Add maggi masala we get with maggi noodles packet Once the noodles get soft in hot water, mix everything well together Cover and cook to to save a little time We need to cook this until all the water dries up After cooking for two to three minutes, maggi spring rolls stuffing is ready Put away this stuffing for now to cool off Now we will make sheets for spring rolls with the dough we prepared earlier Divide the prepared dough in four equal portions Roll these balls flat using dry flour To make sheets of spring rolls we will be cooking two sheets together, for which roll another ball same way Apply some clarified butter or any cooking oil you have and spread all over This is important so it would be easier to split both layers Don't miss the edges Sprinkle some dry flour Put the other rolled roti on top Now roll them both together Roll the edges thin too while rolling The more we roll them thin the better will be results Now we will cook them on a hot pan When you can see these white spots on top flip and cook from other side too When it looks like this, it cooked and now we remove it from hot pan Since we have applied oil in between, it'll be very easy to split them Perfect thin sheets to make maggi spring rolls are reasy Now add the maggi stuffing we prepared earlier Roll tightly this way Since these sheets are thin, it'll be easy to roll them If sheets are a bit thick, they might crack while rolling We will apply flour paste to seal them Spread the paste all over so it stick well and don't open while frying To make this paste we mixed some water in some all purpose flour A perfect spring roll is ready to fry To fry these maggi spring rolls add some cooking oil in a hot pan We will add these maggi spring rolls to fry when oil heats up We will fry keeping the sealed side facing down first, so that stuffing could be locked right away After frying for about 3 to 4 minutes, when they get golden brown in color these are ready Take them out on a absorbing paper so that all the extra oil could be absorbed.

 We will fry the remaining maggi spring rolls the same way We will cut and serve these crispy spring rolls this way Serve these tasty maggi spring rolls with tomato ketchup This is a delicious snack which everyone likes, so you do try this recipe.

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